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Our press conference started off with Kimberly Davis, Senior Executive Vice President of the National Hockey League (shown in backdrop banner) talking about the NHL’s support via a PSA unveiling their new partnership with the Community Healing Campaign, (they donated 5,000 HEALING POSTERS). Next Archbishop Mary Floyd Palmer, our Founder, spoke about the HISTORY of her Father’s, (the late Reverend Melvin Floyd) who partnered with David Falakah (of the House of Umoja) to ultimately stop the gang wars in Philly. Then, Imam Jamil Abdullah, (who donated 1,000 HEALING POSTERS), spoke about the URGENCY of this new partnership and coming together to unite against the senseless violence. Jeff Brown spoke about ACCESSIBILITY and too soon allowing his ShopRites to allow customers to pick up HEALING POSTERS after they shop. Then, City Councilmember At-Large David Oh talked about INCLUSIVITY and the importance of all of us crossing the faith, cultural and race barriers to start to Let the Healing Begin. Then, came Congressman Dwight Evans capping it off with the NECESSITY of our HEALING POSTERS and this timely Partnership. Call or text 833-722-4748 to leave your contact info and get your FREE Healing Posters.

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